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    Xbox Game Pass is a premium service that gives you access to the most amazing range of video games across multiple platforms. Whether you prefer to play on PC, console or in the cloud. Just select your platform and subscribe to the appropriate version of Xbox Game Pass, and you'll be able to download and play any game on the list without any restrictions. Triple A titles from major developers and indie hits across all genres will be at your disposal to enjoy as much as you want for the duration of your subscription, and you can buy and keep them permanently.

    The selection of games available on Xbox Game Pass changes every month, with new games added every month. These new releases include Xbox Game Studios titles on the same day they were released, so you won't have to play only old titles.

    The Xbox Game Pass for PC version also includes EA Play so you can enjoy the publisher's best exclusive titles at no extra cost, as well as tons of subscriber-only content.

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    Code for Xbox to be activated on Xbox Live.

    Code for Xbox to be activated on Xbox Live.

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