Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

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    Strange occurrences have been reported in Racoon City, and the USS was called to clean up any guilt evidence that could point to Umbrella Corporation.

    This installment of Resident Evil revisits the invasion of Racoon city from another point of view. The game camera is still from over the shoulder, and it is possible to perform several actions in combat like blind-shooting, covering or using human shields.

    You can play six characters of the ASU team: Vector is an assassin specialized in infiltration, Bertha is a nurse with hidden powers, Spectre is a sniper, Beltway is a bomb squad officer, Four-Eyes is a scientist from the ABO Lupo project, and finally, there's the squad leader.

    You will face familiar enemies that will be familiar to you from other titles of the Resident Evil saga. Your mission is to eliminate Leon and Claire, but the zombies are not on your side either.

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    17-May-2012, 11:37 pmon
    DOMMAGE! Les trailers rendent bien, mais je peut vous assurer que le jeu est naze, pas d'histoire de découverte, un scénario factice, des graphique bien médium, une difficulté aléatoire, et notamment dû aux IA qui bloque le passage, se mettent devant vous, ne vous soigne pas au bon moment. Bref, si vous avez du respect pour Resident Evil 2, n'acheter pas ce jeu.
    BAD! The trailers look good, but I can assure you that the game sucks, with no story of discovery, a dummy scenario, very mediocre graphics, random difficulty, and especially due to AIs that block the way, get in front of you, and don't heal you at the right moment. In short, if you have any respect for Resident Evil 2, don't buy this game.
    17-May-2012, 8:16 amon
    Je vous invite a eviter l'achat de ce jeu, il est d'une nullitée absolue. Jamais dans l'histoire des Resident Evil n'ais je été aussi deçu. L'ia est truffée de Bug, les actions sont des fois mal agencé a cause d'un truc a coté ou d'un mur. L'ia est mal codée et donne plus de fil a retordre a cause des bugs et du codage que par la difficulté rééle du jeu. meme en basse difficulté il vous faudra un a deux chargeurs entiers de mitrailleuse pour tuer un soldat, et ce, en visant la tete... Bref si tous comme moi vous aimez les Resident evil depuis le premier jusqu'au Code Veronica...N'ACHETEZ SOUS AUCUN PRETEXTE CE JEU ! Merci de m'avoir lu.
    I urge you to avoid buying this game, it's an absolute dud. Never in the history of Resident Evil have I been so disappointed. The ia is riddled with bugs, actions are sometimes misplaced because of something nearby or a wall. Even on low difficulty, you'll need one or two full machine-gun magazines to kill a soldier, and that's just by aiming for the head... In short, if, like me, you love Resident Evil from the first to Code Veronica... DON'T BUY THIS GAME UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! Thank you for reading.
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