Microsoft Flight Simulator reaches an important milestone

Microsoft Flight Simulator reaches an important milestone

When someone thinks about the most immersive and realistic flight simulation video game, the first name that comes to mind is Microsoft Flight Simulator. Several years have passed since the game was released in 2020 but it continues to deliver the best gameplay experience when it comes to piloting a plane. With a plethora of planes to choose from, including the F/A-18 Super Hornet from Top Gun, the game offers an unmatched experience as you fly across the world. Microsoft Flight Simulator uses satellite data to represent the world with great authenticity, and the game has been subject to frequent updates after launch to increase the level of detail by adding new landmarks, airports, points of interest and more. Overall, there is no better option if you want to enjoy a realistic simulation that places you in the cockpit of a plane, and this is why the game is immensely popular among the fans of the genre.

Fifteen million and more to come

With Microsoft Flight Simulator, developer Asobo Studio made an effort to deliver a unique gameplay experience with authenticity at the core. The positive response from the fans has made the game the first choice for many players who want to delve into this type of experience, and this is reflected in numbers. According to the official Microsoft Flight Simulator account on X (Twitter), more than 15 million players have already chosen the game to soar the skies in over a thousand million flight sessions.



Microsoft Flight Simulator is huge in all aspects, from the size and detail of its world to the variety of planes you can choose to pilot. Fortunately, Asobo does not plan to discontinue the franchise, and a brand-new edition will be available to play in November. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 was presented 2 weeks ago during the Xbox Games Showcase.



Since the announcement, the fans have been eager to discover what novelties it will bring to the popular franchise. So far, the developer has only confirmed that it will go beyond its predecessor to allow players to "pursue their dream of an aviation career". Until the new installment arrives, your best option is to use our comparator to get your copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator at the best price on PC, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch.

  • Official website : MFS 2020
  • Categories : Simulation
  • Editor : Xbox Game Studios
  • Developer : Asobo Studio
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : 17 August 2020
  •     Xbox Series X : 27 July 2021