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Starbreeze reveals PAYDAY 3 with a gameplay video

Starbreeze reveals PAYDAY 3 with a gameplay video

We told you that the recent leak of the release date for PAYDAY 3 opened the door to a reveal, and we were not mistaken. Developer Starbreeze Studios has presented the new installment in the heist series with a spectacular gameplay video that has left the fans ecstatic. The return of the Payday Gang brings action to boot and impressive graphics in a trailer that is almost exclusively composed of gameplay footage and leaves out any references to new features. Still, if you are a fan of PAYDAY 2 you will probably notice quite a few differences with the new game.



Welcome to New York

PAYDAY 3 is as much of o cooperative shooter as its predecessor, but it's set in a completely different scenario. Also, the approach to the heists seems to be different, and rather than tackling a variety of jobs accessible via menus it looks like you will have access to a sprawling scenario full of life. It doesn't seem to be an open world, but it feels more interactive than the previous setting.

The world of PAYDAY 3 has changed according to the current times, and so has crime itself. The game will emphasize certain aspects that were not present in previous installments, like cryptocurrencies, mass surveillance, and the Dark Web. PAYDAY 3 will also feature new skills, weapons, and gadgets for you to use during the heists.

Alongside the reveal of the video, Starbreeze has confirmed the official release date of the game, which will be finally available on September 21, 2023. As usual, you can buy your PAYDAY 3 PC key at the best price with our comparator already. Remember that you can claim a copy of PAYDAY 2 on PC for free until next Thursday on Epic Games Store and keep it forever.

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