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    PAYDAY 3 is a new installment of the iconic multiplayer action FPS series from Starbreeze Studios. Join an iconic band of criminals and immerse in a world where executing the perfect heist is your daily life.

    In PAYDAY 3, the legendary gang abandons retirement and moves to New York City to begin a new heist campaign that will make their previous achievements look like child's play. Facing new threats and modern security systems, the Payday Crew will terrorize the citizens of The Big Apple and make them realize that nobody is safe from being robbed.

    PAYDAY 3 introduces new gameplay mechanics and a renewed focus on stealth to give you more options than ever to design your perfect strategy for a heist. You can go incognito and help the rest of your team with the plan, and don your mask when it's needed. If completing the job unnoticed is your goal, you will have to plan ahead and execute your strategy without errors. There is always room for unexpected events, so be ready to take hostages and negotiate with the police to buy yourself some time and adapt to the situation if needed.

    You can experience all this and the frenetic gameplay that has made the series so popular alongside your friends in cooperative mode. Just make sure that you all plan the heists together and aim to rob as much loot as possible.

    Prepare for the thrill of pulling off daring heists, stealing loot, and experiencing intense action. With its unique combination of team-focused gameplay and fast-paced action, Payday 3 is guaranteed to keep you returning for more!

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    • Dark Sterling mask
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    • Play Early (3 Days)
    • Trifecta Loot Bag
    • Silver Season Pass
    • Dark Sterling mask

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