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    Developer Deck Nine brings back the iconic video game series that lets players dive into deep stories with a supernatural background. Life is Strange: Double Exposure follows the story of Max Caulfield, photographer-in-residence at the prestigious Caledon University. The story begins when Max finds her friend Safi dead. To solve the crime and try to save her friend Max uses her supernatural powers to rewind time and jumps to a parallel timeline to investigate the events that precede Safi's death. However, she will soon discover that her friend was murdered, and what's worse, that the culprit is about to strike again.

    Life is Strange: Double Exposure is an immersive story-driven adventure where every single choice you make has a deep impact on the final outcome. Max has to use her powers to shift between two realities under the pressure of knowing what will happen if she doesn't succeed. This thrilling supernatural murder mystery offers a unique experience to players looking for a different type of narrative adventure, with a solid story, and a branching storyline shaped by meaningful decisions.

    Will you manage to stop Safi's killer before he strikes again and save your friend in both realities? Find it out in Life is Strange: Double Exposure.

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