A guide to every new items in Buckshot Roulette's lastest update

A guide to every new items in Buckshot Roulette's lastest update

If you've ever played Buckshot Roulette, you'll know that items are the most important mechanism of the game. The existence of items in the game makes gameplay more diverse and dramatic, increasing unpredictability and strategic depth.

After the game official release on Steam, many players will likely be excited and immediately jump into the game, activating the Double or Nothing mode. Then they'll surely encounter some new and unfamiliar items in the game and not know what they're for. But don't worry, here's a list detailing the new items in the game and their functions to help you play the game perfectly:


  • Burner Phone: When used, this particular phone will tell user the location and type of one shell loaded in the shotgun. Burner Phone shines the most when using on a smaller loads, like 2 or 3 shell loads.

  • Adrenaline: Allows players to take an item from an opponent and immediately use it. However, the item's use time is limited to 10 seconds, so quick decision-making is crucial when using it.

  • Expired Medicine: Upon use, players have a 50% chance of regaining 2 health points and a 50% chance of losing one health point. It's a last-ditch effort for players who are certain they won't win in the next round.

  • Inverter: When used, the current bullet in the gun is changed to the opposite type: a blank bullet becomes a live bullet, and vice versa. The Inverter is especially useful when used in conjunction with the Magnifying Glass, but with the right strategy, it can still be extremely beneficial.

These new items make Buckshot Roulette much more challenging and make the dealer much more dangerous than in the old version. They only appear in Double or Nothing mode. Additionally, a leaderboard function has been added to the game for competitive players who want to see their names on top.

Now you're ready to face any new challenges in Buckshot Roulette and strive to achieve the highest score possible. As always, our price comparison tool is the perfect choice for you to own Buckshot Roulette at the best price available.

19-Apr-2024, 12:36 am
Burner Phone: April 18, discount expired, (call ends)