Everything you need to know about Lethal Company - The Hopping Update

Everything you need to know about Lethal Company - The Hopping Update

Lethal Company still remains the most attention-grabbing online co-op horror game since its launch. Created by Zeekerss, Lethal Company has garnered significant popularity due to its innovative gameplay, blending elements of horror and humor. It has received critical acclaim on the online storefront Steam, topping the platform's Global Top Seller list and reaching 100,000 concurrent players in November 2023. Its popularity has been attributed to social media and compared to similar horror games like Phasmophobia or Content Warning.

Since the release of the v47 patch on January 9, 2024, there hasn't been much news from Zeekerss except for the announcement that the newest update, v50, is being tested and is currently in public beta. After a long period, Zeekerss has finally unveiled the latest update for Lethal Company, v50, titled The Hopping Update:

"Hi, it's been a long time, but at long last I have another lethal update to bring you! I hope you'll forgive me for suggesting in a previous post here that lethal updates would be somewhat regular and predictable--that was a bit naïve of me. Sorry, I'm just not working like I have a quota, because that would be ironic." - Zeekerss, said in his post on Steam.



New content

This newest update to the game includes:

  • A new forest moon, Adamance.
  • Reworked exterior of Dine's.
  • Two new outdoor entities and one new indoor entity.
  • Addition of throwable Easter eggs.
  • Two new suits in the rotating shop, plus a disco ball.
  • Increased speed when running down slopes.
  • Introduction of a new indoor hazard/trap.
  • And many other changes, which you can read about them here.

New Moons

Let's first talk about the new moon, 20-Adamance. Adamance is a free moon added in version 50. It is one of the three intermediate moons, along with Offense and March. Despite its risk rating of "B," it is significantly more dangerous than Experimentation.

Adamance features a forest landscape, similar to that of Vow and March, with many red-leaved trees across its surface. However, a key difference from other forest moons is the prominently steep terrain, which should be navigated with caution.

This moon had a very high scrap rate in the public beta version, reaching up to 1200, but it was quickly lowered. Although the scrap rate at Adamance has been adjusted, it remains relatively stable, making it a new option for experienced players to advance their quotas.

Adamance is actually not the only moon added in this update, I'll let you in on a secret: there are actually two more moons. However, the location of these moons is initially hidden from employees, as they are not listed on the Terminal. Their locations must be deciphered first through log files in the game.

New Entities

  • Old Bird: These humanoid, mech-like entities often spawn on two of the hidden moons. They appear as tall, walking robots with a large spotlight on their heads. Originally built as weapons of war, these entities are armed with ranged weaponry. Their ability to fly and various offensive capabilities make the Old Bird a hazardous threat to employees when active.

  • Butler: These humanoid entities frequently roam the halls of various locations. Although seemingly harmless at first, their true nature is revealed when an employee is left alone near them.

  • Tulip Snake: They are daytime entities and will not directly harm employees, but they can grab onto them and will fly them into the sky for around 10 seconds before stopping, which may cause fall damage. When an employee is caught by the Tulip Snake, they can control the flight as if using a Jetpack.

And there's much more to discover in The Hopping Update. Zeekerss also stated that in the next update, he wants to add more creatures both outside and inside, and he will probably focus a little less on end-game content for a while.

Lethal Company v50 - The Hopping Update is out now on Steam and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from players. The game is perfect for horror game lovers or those looking for a great experience with friends. And as always, our price comparison tool is the best way to buy Lethal Company at the best price.

16-Apr-2024, 6:54 am
the Butler is a funny enemy. imagine suddenly a chasing music starts
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  • Release date : 23 October 2023