Exoprimal is getting new Exosuit variants

Exoprimal is getting new Exosuit variants

After the launch of Exoprimal a few days ago, there are thousands of players already battling against hordes of ferocious dinosaurs. Capcom's online multiplayer shooter offers a thrilling and challenging experience to all those willing to save the planet from a dinosaur invasion by annihilating them with hi-tech weaponry and powerful Exosuits. Each of them offers a unique combination of powers and weapons that are best suited for performing a specific role on the battlefield, and there are multiple possible combinations available right now when you form a team in Exoprimal.



New weapon options are incoming

The number of Exosuits available in Exoprimal will dramatically increase as the post-launch content is released. Capcom offered us a preview of the kind of content that will be added to the game, which includes new game modes and different Exosuit variants. The Alpha variants will significantly change the way you play while wearing a certain Exosuit as they will modify the weapon you use or your powers. You can now check out all the different Alpha Variant Exosuit modifications in the list below.

Deadeye: assault rifle is replaced by a shotgun with a burst fire option, trading range for massive firepower.

Zephyr: replaces the dual sword with a throwable chakram capable of reducing your enemies to shreds at medium range.

Barrage: a brand new rocket launcher requires more time to be charged but delivers more powerful explosions than the old grenade launcher.

Vigilant: a semi-automatic rifle with high burst firepower replaces the sniper rifle for this variant, which also boosts your agility.

Roadblock: a deployable energy shield and an arm-mounted shotgun will make you tankier and deadlier than ever before.

Murasame: your trusty katana is replaced by a frost glaive that can freeze enemies and deliver huge area-effect attacks.

Krieger: a chargeable shotgun with two fire modes that will allow you to knock enemies back and cover a wider area with your attacks.

Witchdoctor: the new duality beam is an energy weapon that can heal friendly targets and damage enemies at the same time.

Skywave: this variant allows you to make lightning bolts rain down on your enemies to stun them.

Nimbus: a pair of dual shotguns drastically increase your firepower and the area you can cover with each shot.


All these Alpha Variant Exosuits will be added to Exoprimal as soon as Season 1 kicks off on August 16 with the first big content update for the game. All you need to do to access them is visit our comparator to purchase Exoprimal cheap if you are yet to discover Capcom's latest shooter.