The Callisto Protocol’s final chapter arrives at the end of this month

The Callisto Protocol’s final chapter arrives at the end of this month

Striking Distance Studios has announced that the first and apparently last DLC for their survival horror game, The Callisto Protocol, is set for release by the end of the month. Titled  “The Final Transmission,” the DLC will land June 27 as a PlayStation exclusive and will launch on June 29 for other platforms. You can check out the trailer for The Final Transmission right here:



There’s not much to take away from the story given the brevity of the trailer, except that players will be against even worse enemies in the form of cyborg biophages. It seems that The Callisto Protocol is providing us with more ways to die this time around.  

Previously, The Callisto Protocol received a much-needed New Game+ mode, which allows the player to retain start at the first Reforge Station with a higher difficulty level, but get to keep their weapons, money, and power-ups they have unlocked in their previous save file. Path 3.01 also provided various fixes and enhancements to the game. There is also now Permadeath and a Riot mode, wherein you must fight waves of progressively more dangerous enemies. Striking Distance also released various skins for the main character, all of which are available in The Callisto Protocol Season Pass.

Despite being dubbed as the spiritual successor to Dead Space, The Callisto Protocol has notably failed to reach its sales target of 5 million copies, despite being three years in the making. Still, the game does provide enough action and horror for a gory good time, if that’s what you are in for.

The Callisto Protocol is currently out for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam. You can get a The Callisto Protocol PS5 key from our comparator today.