Red Dead Online: Gold Bars

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    These Golds Bars require Red Dead Redemption II to be used. If you would like to purchase prepaid cards to enhance your gaming experience, please check out Steam Gift Card EUR, Xbox Live Gift Card EUR or Playstation Gift Cards EUR EUR.

    The world of Red Dead Redemption II is harsh and unforgiving, but it offers endless possibilities for those wishing to immerse themselves in an epic Western-style adventure, not least via Red Dead Online, the multiplayer side of the game where you share the action with players from all over the world.

    In the West, you don't have to assume anything... except that you can get gold bars. Gold bars let you quickly unlock goods in Red Dead Online: modifications for your weapons, supplies for your horse or unique items for your camp. Living on the bangs of society brings its share of doubts, so ease your uncertainties with a few gold bars.

    Buy Red Dead Online: Gold Bars and you'll be able to use them to buy all kinds of products in the in-game store, including battle passes, XP boosts and an impressive range of cosmetic items to personalize your character in Red Dead Online.

    Step up a gear with Red Dead Online: Gold Bars.

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    This product is a game card and needs to be used with the complete version of the game : Red Dead Redemption 2

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