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    War Hospital puts you in command of a front-line field hospital, during the WW1 in France. The game focuses on the constant fight to save the wounded from chemical warfare, bullets, shells, and mental trauma on the battlefield. The pressure of time and shortage of resources will make you take difficult decisions for the greater good. Every decision has short and long-term effects on the gameplay. Adapt on the go to maintain morale and prevent the fall of the front line. 

    Play as Henry Wells, a retired British combat medic who got drafted back and now finds himself in the nightmare that World War I was. You are the last ray of light for the wounded since you find yourself understaffed and undersupplied. You will have to treat horrendous war injuries in a field hospital, as their commander. Use real WW1 equipment and build a facility to heal them. As the war progresses, you will see how your tools and methods evolve. Make lasting and impactful choices. 

    The game celebrates life, not death, so cheer your staff and uplift their hope. Create a community of life-savers and survivors. Your goal is to save as many lives as possible. But you will be faced with moral decisions that you must take during your gameplay. Develop and innovate new medical technologies that will help you out.

    Enjoy the recreated French Front from WW1 in a realistic environment along with your British field hospital.


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    Comments on War Hospital

    22-Dec-2023, 1:14 amon dlcompare.fr
    Sa ma l'air pas mal comme jeu, en plus il est fait par Nacon j'espère qu'il y aura un mode coop,
    It looks like a great game, and it's made by Nacon, so I hope there'll be a co-op mode,
    21-Dec-2023, 11:35 pmon dlcompare.fr
    Première fois que j'entends parler de ce jeu, à voir comment le côté stratégie est fait ça pourrait être une bonne surprise.
    It's the first time I've heard of this game, and to see how the strategy side is done, it could be a pleasant surprise.
    21-Dec-2023, 4:39 pmon dlcompare.it
    Gioco particolare ma stranamente interessante. Spero nell'inserimento nel gamepass per poterlo provare a fondo
    Peculiar but strangely interesting game. I hope for gamepass inclusion so I can try it thoroughly
    21-Dec-2023, 4:29 pmon dlcompare.es
    War Hospital, el primer juego del estudio polaco Brave Lamb Studio, llega a PC con una temática original. No la de la Primera Guerra Mundial, que ha sido ampliamente cubierta tanto en la gran como en la pequeña pantalla, y en videojuegos de todo tipo (estrategia, FPS, TPS, monojugador, multijugador, narrativa...), sino porque no te llevan al frente, sino a contribuir al esfuerzo bélico gestionando un hospital de campaña británico en 1918.
    War Hospital, the first game from Polish studio Brave Lamb Studio, comes to PC with an original theme. Not that of the First World War, which has been widely covered both on the big and small screen, and in video games of all kinds (strategy, FPS, TPS, single-player, multiplayer, narrative...), but because you are not taken to the front, but to contribute to the war effort by managing a British field hospital in 1918.
    21-Dec-2023, 4:28 pmon dlcompare.es
    La premisa del juego es cautivadora y emotiva. En medio de la oscuridad y la desesperación, te conviertes en un faro de esperanza, tratando las devastadoras heridas de guerra y brindando consuelo a innumerables soldados. El desafío de operar un hospital de campaña en circunstancias tan extremas, con recursos limitados y peligro constante, agrega una capa de intensidad y realismo al juego.
    The premise of the game is captivating and emotional. In the midst of darkness and despair, you become a beacon of hope, treating devastating war wounds and providing comfort to countless soldiers. The challenge of operating a field hospital in such extreme circumstances, with limited resources and constant danger, adds a layer of intensity and realism to the game.
    21-Dec-2023, 4:27 pmon dlcompare.es
    War Hospital ofrece una versión fresca y convincente de los juegos de temática bélica. Como comandante Henry Wells, la responsabilidad de administrar un hospital de campaña británico durante la Primera Guerra Mundial recae sobre sus hombros. La perspectiva única de liderar el cuerpo médico en lugar de soldados agrega un giro refrescante al género RTS.
    War Hospital offers a fresh and compelling take on war-themed games. As Major Henry Wells, the responsibility of running a British field hospital during World War I falls on your shoulders. The unique perspective of leading the medical corps instead of soldiers adds a refreshing twist to the RTS genre.
    21-Dec-2023, 4:26 pmon dlcompare.es
    En War Hopital lideraremos un grupo de médicos que está dispuesto a salvar la vida de los soldados y curar las heridas más graves. El juego tiene un espíritu muy conmovedor, ya que muestra el otro lado de la guerra, el de la luz y la esperanza de que la vida puede volver a brillar incluso en los momentos más difíciles. Personalmente, estoy muy intrigado por este título y no puedo esperar a saber más sobre él.
    In War Hopital we will lead a group of doctors who are willing to save the lives of soldiers and heal the most serious wounds. The game has a very touching spirit, as it shows the other side of war, that of light and hope that life can shine again even in the most difficult moments. Personally, I am very intrigued by this title and can't wait to learn more about it.
    21-Dec-2023, 4:24 pmon dlcompare.es
    Hay muchos juegos ambientados en eventos horribles de la Primera Guerra Mundial, pero por primera vez podremos sumergirnos en la atmósfera devastadora de los hospitales de campaña. Si te gusta el RTS y buscas algo nuevo, este título merece tu atención.
    There are many games set in horrible events of the First World War, but for the first time we can immerse ourselves in the devastating atmosphere of field hospitals. If you like RTS and are looking for something new, this title deserves your attention.
    21-Dec-2023, 11:43 amon dlcompare.fr
    Un bon jeu de gestion dans un époque qu'on ne connais que trop bien mais pas sous cette angle. Curieux de tester ça !
    A good management game in an era we know all too well, but not from this angle. Curious to try it out!
    21-Dec-2023, 11:42 amon dlcompare.fr
    La guerre vu d'un autre point de vue, pourquoi pas, le jeu à l'air sympas mais sans plus quoi... pas trop mon délire
    The war seen from another point of view, why not, the game looks nice but nothing more... not really my thing.
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    • Technical information

    • Official website : War Hospital
    • Categories : Strategy
    • Editor : Nacon
    • Developer : Brave Lamb Studio S.A.
    • Mode(s) : Solo
    • Release date : 11 January 2024
    • System Requirements
      • Minimum
      • OS : Windows 10 (64-bit)
      • CPU : Core i7-3770 / Ryzen 5 1500X
      • RAM : 8 GB
      • GPU : GeForce GTX 750 / Radeon R7 360
      • Storage : 30 GB
      • Recommended
      • CPU : Core i5-8400 / Ryzen 5 2600X
      • RAM : 8 GB
      • GPU : GeForce GTX 970 / Radeon R9 290X
      • Storage : 30 GB
    • Age Rating
    • PEGI 12ESRB T