Dive into Dave the Diver's First Anniversary update

Dive into Dave the Diver's First Anniversary update

The deep-sea exploration, fishing, and sushi restaurant management game, Dave the Diver, by indie game studio Mintrocket, has now turned one year old. Dave the Diver is a well-known title that has captured the hearts of gamers, rising to prominence thanks to its unique setting and addictive gameplay loop that blends rogue-lite elements. Two days after its release, Dave the Diver was the fifth best-selling product on Steam. It had sold over one million copies within ten days of release, and three million copies by January 2024.

To commemorate the occasion of Dave the Diver’s First Anniversary on June 26, 2024, Mintrocket released a video titled "Dave the Diver First Anniversary | Developer Interview" on their YouTube channel:


The video features an interview with the developers of Dave the Diver, celebrating its first anniversary. The developers discuss the game's development process, challenges they faced, and upcoming updates. They also highlight elements that contributed to the game's success and popularity among players, while expressing their gratitude to all the players who have supported the game and helped it achieve such success.

The celebration doesn't stop there. Mintrocket also launched the Dave the Diver 1ST ANNIVERSARY UPDATE. Now, you can join in the anniversary festivities right within your favorite game.

New Content

  • New Mini-Game:
    • A demo of EVIL FACTORY was added as a smartphone app.
    • Unlock the mini-game with the promotion code: DAVEANNIVERSARY
    • Open Smartphone – Call – Operator – Claim Reward - Enter promotion code
    • Available after unlocking the Mini-game app
    • A new “Leo Keychain” charm can be obtained after clearing the demo.
  • Phone Charm:
    • A mini version of Dave can be attached to your in-game smartphone.
  • And many more optimizations and bug fixes:
    • You can read about them here.

The success of Dave the Diver is undoubtedly well-deserved. The game also boasts some exciting collaborations, such as with Dredge, a free DLC collab with Godzilla, and a recent collab with the third-person shooter Goddess of Victory: Nikke. With such a promising future ahead, we can eagerly anticipate more exciting content and updates for Dave the Diver in the near future.

If you are a casual player who enjoys relaxing and fun games, Dave the Diver is a must-try. Make sure to use dLcompare’s trusty price comparison tool to get the best offer for Dave the Diver today.