Escape from Tarkov's developer backpedals due to a massive backlash

Escape from Tarkov's developer backpedals due to a massive backlash

Escape from Tarkov is a realistic and immersive multiplayer tactical shooter that has become the favourite of a huge community. The game offers an intense experience set in the region of Norvinsk where several factions fight to control what's left of the zone after years of brutal war. Escape from Tarkov offers a solid experience that has captivated many players, however, it's not devoid of problems, and in this case, they come directly from the game's developer. Battlestate recently announced the introduction of an exclusive PvE mode that would only be available to those who purchased a special edition of the game that costs about $300. Unsurprisingly, the enraged response from the community was unanimous, and it has had its consequences.



A huge disappointment

Escape from Tarkov has been supported by many players over the long years of its development process. Also, the new Unheard Edition replaced the old Edge of Darkness Edition of the game, leaving those who already purchased the latter with the only option to upgrade to the new edition by paying extra. Therefore, putting new content behind an expensive paywall is not what the community was expecting. It seems that the developer was not expecting such a reaction, and it has decided to U-turn following the massive backlash that the announcement has generated. Battlestate COO Nikita Buyanov has released a statement on Reddit where he explains what the studio intends to do on this matter.


  1. About PvE access - we decided to just open it for EoD owners for free, but we will do it in waves. As I said before - we don’t have server capacity right now. We will start this process as soon as possible
  2. We also decided that we will add MOD support for PvE mode after the release of the game
  3. About the Unheard edition - we will not remove it, we want to keep the option for those who want to support the game more. But we will balance items, and perks in this edition, as well as we will provide more rewards for those, who upgraded with the old price
  4. New EoD perks will be balanced too. We will remove prioritized matching option to keep everyone in the same spot. And we will add more unique stuff to highlight the EoD version in general. We will provide the final list of the new EoD perks asap
  5. We continue to work on patches, new content, events, and the game release itself no matter what


It's worth saying that Escape from Tarkov is still under development in a beta phase and the final version of the game has not been released yet. Hopefully, that will happen sometime this year if the developer studio does not continue making arguable decisions with such a heavy impact on the community. Feel free to use our comparator to check out the best deals on Escape from Tarkov if you have not discovered this unique FPS yet. 

30-Apr-2024, 2:09 am
300 dollars. with that much, i expect one of the perks is the devs will fly to my house at night to tuck me in bed so i can go to sleep