Update 0.14 adds new features to Escape from Tarkov

Update 0.14 adds new features to Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter that drops you in the middle of a war between two military private contractors. The game delivers a realistic and hardcore experience and has many fans all over the world as it's one of the most popular games on Twitch. Developer Battlestate Games keeps improving the game with new features since it was released in Early Access and now the latest patch adds a plethora of novelties to the game, although it's also causing some problems.

Stability issues

Update 0.14 brings to Escape from Tarkov quite a few new features, including new weapons, a new map called Ground Zero, a new boss, and more. Ground Zero is restricted to players under level 20 so it won't and it brings new opportunities to low-level players. Also, Update 0.14 completely reworks the recoil system to make it more real, and it also adds new movement options by allowing you to vault. Overall, the patch adds some interesting novelties to Escape from Tarkov but it's also causing some undesired problems.



Since the update was released Escape from Tarkov players are suffering from some stability issues but the studio is working on fixing them as soon as possible. Hopefully, players will be able to give a try to the new features very soon.

If you are exploring the streets of Tarkov after downloading the patch, keep your eyes open for the new boss. He is called Kollontay and will easily kill you if you are not prepared.

Escape from Tarkov offers you a thrilling combination of survival mechanics and first-person action in a unique scenario. If you have yet to discover the game, you can use our comparator to check out the best deals on Escape from Tarkov CD keys to purchase a cheap one and start playing the game on PC today.