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FFVII Rebirth announces theme song and new previews

FFVII Rebirth announces theme song and new previews

The Game Awards, not just an award ceremony but a spectacle, featured remarkable performances among its announcements and accolades. One of those presentations was Herald of Darkness from Alan Wake 2, as played by Old Gods of Asgard. The other in question was the standout debut exhibition of "No Promise to Keep," the theme song for the highly anticipated upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, recognized as the Most Anticipated Game of 2024.

Sung by Loren Allred, the star who lent her voice to "Never Enough" in the film The Greatest Showman, the in-game scene depicts Aerith and the group reenacting a LOVELESS scene in the theater. The preview also features Jessie, and for those familiar with her backstory, before joining AVALANCHE, she was a renowned actress in Gold Saucer.



"I am excited and humbled to bring the iconic Aerith's voice to life on 'No Promises to Keep' in FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH," said Allred. "The composer Nobuo Uematsu is a musical visionary who has brought so much to the world of FINAL FANTASY, and to be able to collaborate with such an innovative talent was an honor. I am so grateful to the Square Enix team and cannot wait for the world to hear this song and to play the game we've all been waiting for."

While Loren Allred performed, unseen footage rolled in the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer. We got the first glimpse of Cid Highwind, the final member of the party, as well as the face reveal of fan-favorite Vincent Valentine. Other characters also make appearances, such as Dio, the owner of Gold Saucer, and Dyne, Barret's former partner and Marlene's father.

To further perplex players, the trailer shows scenes of Zack and Cloud in Midgar. Zack is seen talking to Marlene and later encounters Aerith, bedridden and in a deep sleep. Countless speculations and theories circulate about why Zack is alive, and Cloud is still in a coma due to Mako poisoning. Some believe it's a parallel timeline, while others think it's a setup for a future DLC.

Setting aside these cyclical and unproven theories, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth promises to deliver it all. The game comes with 2 CDs, an expansive world, new characters, gameplay features like Synergy Abilities and much more. For eager fans, the game will be released on February 29, 2024, exclusively for PlayStation 5, with a later release for PC. Check our comparator for the cheapest CD key deals on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and relive—or discover—the continuation of Cloud and his friends' story.

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  • Release date : 29 February 2024