Hearts of Iron IV offers the most comprehensive strategy experience

Hearts of Iron IV offers the most comprehensive strategy experience

World War II commonly serves as an inspiration for many video games. Sometimes it's in the form of FPS games full of action like Sniper Elite 5 or Battlefield V. However, the strategy genre brings the most out of this theme by allowing you to relive battles and scenarios while providing a better tactical overview of the whole conflict. Among those, Hearts of Iron IV shines with its own light above many others thanks to the expertise of Paradox Interactive, which has a long story of great strategy titles. The game allows you to lead your nation through the greatest conflict in history by refighting World War II to change its course. Incredibly detailed historical simulation mechanics, realistic armies, and a multitude of historical paths that open up on every one of your decisions are just some of the exciting features that contribute to delivering a unique experience that has captivated the fans of the genre.

An expandable experience

Hearts of Iron IV lets you delve directly into the political, economic, and military aspects of the war with an immersive experience, but there is always room for improvement. Paradox Interactive knows it, and the developer studio has taken its time to release a series of DLC that add plenty of content to the game to increase its authenticity and provide players with new gameplay options. As it happens with other titles for Paradox like Europa Universalis IV, there are a plethora of DLC available for the game. Some of them add new unit models, enhanced gameplay mechanics for some countries, and plenty of other features. Hearts of Iron IV: Arms Against Tyranny, Hearts of Iron IV: Trial of Allegiance, and Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back are very good examples of those.

Paradox Interactive has also released a different type of DLC for Hearts of Iron IV that focuses exclusively on changing the look of the game. Hearts of Iron IV: Content Creator Pack - Soviet Union 2D Art is the latest addition to the list. This DLC adds a plethora of cosmetic options to modify the aspect of many icons in the game to make them more interesting. The DLC includes many 2D icons that will change the overall look of the units and menus in your Hearts of Iron IV games.

"Paradox Interactive has teamed up with talented modders from the Hearts of Iron IV community to release a content pack with new art assets for the Soviet Union. Ethan “156” Mayer and Aqeel “Uncharted” Mughal, Head Developers on the popular World Ablaze mod for the game, have created new icons and weapons art that reflect the historical designs and art of one of the key players in World War II."



Additions like this come to confirm that a huge fan base supports Hearts of Iron IV and loves the game. If you want to support the creators and add a new Soviet look to your Hearts of Iron IV games, feel free to use our comparator to check out the best discounts on Hearts of Iron IV: Content Creator Pack - Soviet Union 2D Art and add the DLC to your collection on Steam today.