Amnesia: The Bunker is even more terrifying now

Amnesia: The Bunker is even more terrifying now

The upcoming celebration of Halloween marks the arrival of spooky special events and new features to many games. As one of the most terrifying games in the genre, Amnesia: The Bunker is not short of scary moments, but the fans of the popular horror series are entitled to suffer (or enjoy) even more due to the latest content added to the game. Frictional Games has released a Halloween update for Amnesia: The Bunker that turns the game into one of the scariest experiences in the genre.

Forget all you know about the game

Amnesia: The Bunker was originally designed to be a terrifying nightmare, but the Halloween update introduces a series of changes that make the game even more challenging. First of all, the Bunker's Admin Office is not a safe haven anymore and you can find yourself attacked at any time if you try to hide there. Also, the monster will be more unpredictable than ever, and you can forget about relying on your previous knowledge about its behavior. The health recovery system has also been changed and recovering from injuries will be more difficult, sometimes needing different treatments depending on the type of your wounds.

All these changes and some more are applied to the Shellshock mode. There are two new gameplay modes too, which are accessible after your first playthrough of Amnesia: The Bunker. Custom Mode allows you to modify a series of parameters to tailor the experience to your liking. Also, the New Game Plus mode lets you immerse into this unique psychological horror adventure with an increased difficulty level. The Halloween update also adds new achievements, a practice area, and support for 120 PFS on PC to Amnesia: The Bunker.



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