Football Manager 2024 boasts the best simulation in the series

Football Manager 2024 boasts the best simulation in the series

Football Manager 2024 will soon be released on PC, although there are plenty of players already enjoying the game in early access. It will not be just another instalment in a long line of sports simulators that adds a flashy feature to keep the franchise going one year longer. Instead of taking such an approach to the new title, Sports Interactive has opted for wondering how to make its game better. The studio has come up with a title that delivers an outstanding simulation experience and takes the gameplay to a whole new level just by adding small changes that go a very long way.

This is not the FIFA series

Football Manager 2024 does not need to attempt to become something similar to EA Sports FC 24 because it's a completely different type of game. Playing as your favourite football player and scoring a goal is definitely appealing, but the beauty of Football Manager 2024 is that you get to see and control what's going on behind the scenes. For a football team to win a championship there is a lot of work that has to be done and you are in control of every aspect of management in this game.

Seasoned Football Manager players will discover a wide range of improvements made to many areas of the game, from set pieces to the economic and transfers systems, and even the gameplay on the pitch. Football Manager 2024 just gets better at what it does best, which is delivering the most complete sports management simulation experience. Winning a game is just the culmination of a long decision-making process that involves managing a lot of data, and that is easier than ever in this instalment of the series.



If you were expecting Football Manager 2024 to be a complete change of direction for the series, you may be disappointed. But if you love the series, you will find yourself looking at its natural evolution when you play the game. Of course, if you want to immerse in such an experience at the best price, all you need to do is use our comparator to buy a Football Manager 2024 PC key.