The Premier League will be in the Football Manager series

The Premier League will be in the Football Manager series

The Football Manager series has always been a favourite of those willing to go a bit further, Besides offering a detailed football simulation, the games in the series offer the players the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of management. What happens outside of the pitch is decisive for the final results in a long-term experience where many parties are involved. Football Manager 2024 already offers many novelties in those aspects, with a new transfer system that is more detailed than ever, the option to choose targets for every player, and the best match representation in the series. However, developer Sports Interactive always seeks to improve the franchise and this time it has surprised the fans with a big announcement.

The Premier League in all of its glory

For the first time in the Football Manager series, the Premier League will be available as a competition. This includes all the 20 teams present in the British competition which will be available to play in the next game in the series and the following installments too. The addition of the Premier League will make Football Manager 2025 the most authentic game in the series but this is not the only novelty coming to the series in the future.


Football Manager 2025 is being developed with a new graphics engine. The use of the Unity engine will allow Sports Interactive to take the game to the next level with enhanced graphics and detailed animations. The game promises unprecedented authenticity and dynamic gameplay for an improved experience that will surpass anything seen before in the series.

Of course, we still have to wait for a while until we can enjoy all the new features, but Sports Interactive has promised to keep the fans informed with timely updates. Meanwhile, Football Manager 2024 offers the best management simulation experience to date in the series, and you should use our comparator to get the cheapest Football Manager 2024 game code if you are looking for a football game that is significantly different from EA Sports FC 24.