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Football Manager 2024 celebrates its huge success

Football Manager 2024 celebrates its huge success

The launch of Football Manager 2024 a few months ago anticipated a huge success. The football management simulation series has always been a favourite of the fans, but the latest instalments have drastically improved gameplay with a plethora of novelties that made the game more realistic than ever. Football Manager 2024 surprised seasoned fans of the series with the most detailed football simulation experience to date and the game received a warm welcome from a huge community. A few months have passed since then, and now developer Sports Interactive is celebrating the record achieved by the game.



Seven million players can't be wrong

Football Manager 2024 has become the most played game in the history of the popular sports simulation franchise. The game sales have surpassed those of its predecessor, which previously held the record with 6.8 million players. Sports Interactive Studio Director Miles Jacobson has celebrated the achievement and released a statement talking about the process that has got Football Manager 2024 to where it is now.

“Making Football Manager more accessible – not just more accessible to play but accessible to more people – has been an eight-year journey that we’re still on. That’s meant adding language support in new territories, most notably in Japan, China and Korea with the end result being that Asia now makes up 20% of our audience. It’s meant different versions of the game for different audiences and we’ve also embraced third-party subscription platforms in a way that no other studio has.”

Indeed, Football Manager 2024 is the culmination of a long development process that has spanned several years and games. The result is a video game that offers the best simulation experience to all those wanting to delve into the challenging world of football management. If you are yet to discover the game, feel free to make use of our comparator to get a cheap Football Manager 2024 digital code and climb your way to the top of the competition.