Watch Forza Motorsport official launch trailer here

Watch Forza Motorsport official launch trailer here

Turn 10 is back six years after the release of Forza Motorsport 7. The simulator brings a fresh approach to the franchise, aiming to become the ultimate racing platform. This is one of the reasons they dropped the numbering in the title.

For those rolling their eyes at the news that Forza Motorsport has become a live service game, Turn 10 assures that most updates will be free. However, players can acquire the Forza Motorsport Car Pass to get new cars weekly or purchase the Premium version, which includes the pass and early access to the game.



In an interview on the official Xbox channel, Dan Greenawalt, co-founder of Forza, explains why the game wasn't called Forza Motorsport 8.

"From the beginning, we've designed the latest Forza Motorsport to be an evolving racing platform, with new content that adds to the experience of automotive entertainment through skill and competition. Last week we shared a little more about what players can expect with our evolving racing platform on It's due to this shift that we didn't need a number in the title; we created a platform."

Dan Greenawalt's statement aligns with Turn 10's intentions for the franchise, transforming it into a live service game and adding new free content for players. Here's a summary of what to expect from these updates:

  • New tracks: Free tracks will be added to Forza Motorsport regularly, bringing new challenges for you and your friends to master. Due to the extensive development timeline required to recreate these detailed environments to work with our new physics systems accurately, our monthly updates may not always include a new track.
  • New events: Live events in Forza Motorsport include Featured Tours in Career Mode, Spec Series, and Open Series in Featured Multiplayer and Featured Rivals. These events will highlight new cars available from the Showroom at a 30% discount for a limited time.
  • New cars: Players can anticipate new cars each month, available through various means. Some cars will be added directly to the Showroom for purchase with Credits, while others are unlocked as Reward Cars for completing Featured or Open Tours in the Builder's Cup.

Forza Motorsport launches on October 10 for Xbox Series X/S and PC, but the Premium version grants access five days in advance. The Premium bundle works with the base game via Xbox Game Pass. You can check out our comparator for the best deals on Forza Motorsport and secure everything the premium version offers, including early access.