Lords of the Fallen reveals its roadmap for 2023

Lords of the Fallen reveals its roadmap for 2023

Lords of the Fallen is a big success and one of the best souls-like games of the year alongside Lies of P. It seems logical that the game's developer is eager to take advantage of its popularity by releasing additional content for the game. Of course, Hexworks knows it and is ready to deploy a lot of content that will be arriving in the game sooner than the fans expected. The studio has revealed the post-launch roadmap for 2023, and it comes packed with additional content. It's so much that it will be almost a feat if they release it before the year ends.

A busy year for Hexworks

It's not like Lords of the Fallen has not received any content at all since it was released. Players have enjoyed a Halloween event recently, and before that, several improvements were made to many aspects of the game, including stability, performance, and co-op gameplay.

According to the roadmap, Hexworks has plenty of things prepared for Lords of the Fallen, including new questlines, armour sets, spells, weapon abilities, and more. It will also continue to improve gameplay with new features like an expanded inventory system, gamepad rebinding options, and additional modifiers for New Game Plus.


Lords of the Fallen 2023


All of those novelties will be added to Lords of the Fallen during the next seven weeks. Of course, they will be available to all players at no additional cost. With them, Hexworks aims to take the game to the next level and will keep the fans happy because many of those changes have been requested by the huge community that follows the game.

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