Metaphor: ReFantazio's release date announced

Metaphor: ReFantazio's release date announced

Ever since Metaphor: ReFantazio announced its debut at the Xbox Game Showcase in 2023, Atlus has been steadily providing updates on the game every day. But this Monday, we finally received the official announcement of Metaphor's release date, and it's not too far off.

The game is set to launch on October 11th, a date revealed during a stream showcase hosted by director Katsura Hashino, the man behind the famous Persona franchise. The 25-minute stream unveiled various details about the game, including gameplay, music, and more.

Upon first glance, you'll notice the clear similarities between Metaphor and the latest titles in the Persona series, such as Persona 5 Royal or the recently released Persona 3 Reload. Metaphor inherits the turn-based combat style of Persona, along with the unique art style and storytelling that many have come to admire in the Persona series. However, it's not entirely identical to its predecessors; unlike Persona, which revolves around school life, Metaphor takes place in a medieval fantasy world as a "mirror" to the contemporary world.

Hashino has been working on this project since at least 2016 when Japanese publisher Atlus established Studio Zero - a studio consisting of Hashino and his team. The team includes composer Shoji Meguro and artist Shigenori Soejima, along with many others who have previously worked on the Persona series, so we can expect a refreshing take on the JRPG genre to arrive soon.

With still some months to go until the game's release, you might want to try out what's considered the best JRPG out there using our price comparison tool to get the best deal for Persona 5, or keep an eye out for Metaphor: ReFantazio upon its release.