Monster Hunter Stories gets a fresh trailer giving an overview of the game

Monster Hunter Stories gets a fresh trailer giving an overview of the game

With the Monster Hunter franchise celebrating its 20th anniversary, Capcom is re-releasing the title Monster Hunter Stories, initially launched on the Nintendo 3DS, for new platforms through a remaster, bringing several enhancements to the game. Announced on February 21, the first Monster Hunter Stories remaster is scheduled to hit PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on June 14.

Monster Hunter Stories offers a unique twist to the franchise's gameplay. Here, you don't just battle monsters, you form alliances with them. Step into the shoes of a Monster Rider, build bonds with these majestic creatures, and transform a variety of them into your loyal Monsties as you embark on an epic adventure. This turn-based RPG introduces a fascinating recruitment system for new Monsties. Each one carries unique genes, even if they belong to the same species. Transferring these genes to other Monsties can unlock a whole new set of abilities. Capcom has unveiled a new trailer, providing a captivating overview of the game.



Players can expect plenty of fresh features as they delve into Monster Hunter Stories, including full voices for characters in both Japanese and English, a new Museum Mode, and updates that were previously only available in Japan. This new version of the original Monster Hunter Stories will also offer more detailed visuals for larger screens, including modeling enhancements, high-definition textures, and lighting. More recently, Capcom hosted a special live stream of the game, where it shared over 30 minutes of gameplay.



Monster Hunter Stories is a spinoff from the main series that takes a different approach to appeal to other franchise audiences. However, those who prefer the official saga should wait until 2025 for the new title, called Monster Hunter Wilds, to hit the new generation. Meanwhile, they can experience the life of a hunter by playing Monster Hunter: World or Monster Hunter Rise, the franchise's two latest titles that have already sold over 100 million units worldwide.

Monster Hunter Stories arrives on June 14 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The sequel, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, will also drop on the same day for PlayStation 4, which is already available for PC and Nintendo Switch. For those interested in the game and wanting to see how a turn-based RPG set in Capcom's monster universe works, keep an eye on our comparator for the best deals on Monster Hunter Stories and secure great prices when the game launches.