Persona 5 Tactica introduces a new Phantom Thief

Persona 5 Tactica introduces a new Phantom Thief

Persona is as popular as it gets when it comes to Japanese-style RPG series, and Atlus is working hard on keeping it like that by releasing new games and content. After providing more details about the English version of Persona 3 Reload, the developer studio has focused on another of the upcoming releases for the series. We are talking about Persona 5 Tactica, of course, a new installment in the series that will feature exciting turn-based tactical battles.

Erina enters the scene

In Persona 5 Tactica, the Phantom Thieves will enter a new realm that is controlled by a military group known as the Legionnaires. As soon as they get in there, they will be trapped and rescued by Erina, a very interesting girl that leads a revolution against the Legionnaires. The Phantom Thieves will lend her a hand in her quest to overthrow the bad guys in a new adventure that will have them fighting against all sorts of enemies with their Personas.

You can have a first look at Erina's powers in battle in a new video recently released by Atlus where she displays all her might alongside the leader of the Phantom Thieves, Joker, and the cutest cat favorite of the fans, Morgana.



Persona 5 Tactica will be like a breath of fresh air to the series with its tactical combat. The game offers you multiple choices to combine in a team of three characters and positioning will take a much more relevant role in this type of game, opening up new strategies and gameplay possibilities.

If you are a fan of the series, Persona 5 Tactica pre-orders are open already. Of course, the best deals on Persona 5 Tactica codes are available with our comparator. The game will launch on November 17, 2023, for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.