Scorched Earth has been a success for ARK: Survival Ascended

Scorched Earth has been a success for ARK: Survival Ascended

ARK: Survival Evolved has maintained a sizeable player base over the years but the release of its remastered version has increased those numbers. ARK: Survival Ascended features much better graphics and a series of gameplay improvements that have taken gameplay to a new level while leaving intact the spirit of the original game. As happened with the original game, the release of new expansions brings excitement and novelties that players are eager to discover. This is also the case for ARK: Survival Ascended which has been greatly improved with additional content with the recent release of Scorched Earth.

More than you expected

Scorched Earth has been released as a free update for all those who own ARK: Survival Ascended and it has introduced a new desert biome for players to explore. However, this new version of Scorched Earth also introduces plenty of novelties that were not present in the original update for ARK: Survival Evolved.

The most notable novelties include the addition of two new dinosaurs, the Fasolasuchus and the Oasisaur. The first one is a brand-new creature that you will be able to use as a mount if you are skilled enough to tame it, while the second one was already present in the game as part of an independent DLC. The rest of the novelties include quality of life changes, adjustment to the population of several types of smaller dinosaurs, and the addition of new cave systems and environmental effects.



This new version of Scorched Earth is even more appealing to the fans of the sandbox survival franchise than it was in the past, and the numbers prove it. Studio Wildcard even had to open additional servers to accommodate the huge demand when Scorched Earth was released.

The studio will continue to improve ARK: Survival Ascended with additional content throughout the whole year as revealed in the official roadmap for the game. Aberration and The Center updates will arrive in the coming months and will be followed by a plethora of other additions.

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