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The Elder Scrolls VI will take much longer than expected to be ready

The Elder Scrolls VI will take much longer than expected to be ready

It's quite clear that Bethesda is 100% focused on making the release of Starfield the best possible experience right now. the upcoming adventure has generated a lot of interest and there is a huge community waiting to find out if it's really going to be like an enhanced version of Skyrim set in the space. But the fans do not forget about Tamriel, and the expectation for a new installment in The Elder Scrolls series is always present.

Although there's been a lot of rumors about The Elder Scrolls VI, it seems that the fans will still have to wait for a long while until they can set foot in the fantasy world of the game for a brand new epic adventure.

A long journey ahead

Of course, Microsoft has a lot to say in the release of The Elder Scrolls VI now that it owns Bethesda. In the same manner that Starfield suddenly became exclusive to PC and Xbox consoles, any new TESO game will probably follow that path. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has talked about The Elder Scrolls VI when specifically asked about the game during the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)/Microsoft court case. According to the reports of journalists following the case, Spencer stated the following:

"It’s so far out it’s hard to understand what the platforms will even be…" ... "We’re talking about a game that’s five-plus years away"

Although this statement surely feels like a torpedo directly aimed at the hopes of all the fans to play the game anytime soon, at least it confirms that Bethesda won't drop the series under Microsoft's tutelage.

Fortunately, there are more options for those that want to live an exciting experience in Tamriel. The Elder Scrolls Online still stands strong with plenty of content to explore, and its new expansion, The Elder Scrolls: Necrom, is adding a new class alongside plenty of other novelties to the game. If you are yet to discover the main series, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues to be one of the best role-playing games of all time and you should get a Skyrim code from our comparator if the game is not already in your library.