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The Xenomorph is comin g to Dead by Daylight

The Xenomorph is comin g to Dead by Daylight

One of the coolest things about Dead by Daylight is that the gameplay involves interacting with iconic murderers from all kinds of fan-favorite horror films. Whether you get to play the game as a vicious killer or as a survivor trying to escape from them at any cost, Dead by Daylight offers you a unique asymmetric multiplayer experience that has captivated plenty of players. High-intensity survival action and a huge variety of killers, each with their own abilities and hunting methods, are the highlights of a game that has expanded with many DLCs and additions since it was released.

But developer Behaviour Interactive still has more interesting killers to add to the game, and the latest one will be very familiar to you if you like Alien movies. The Xenomorph is an extraterrestrial creature that has haunted the dreams of countless victims across space since the crew of the Nostromo investigated a distress signal in a seemingly deserted moon. With Ellen Ripley as the only survivor of that adventure, the first film in the Alien franchise paved the way for the birth of a legendary antagonist who has terrorized the galaxy with its uncanny speed and lethal acidic blood. Now, it's coming to Dead by Daylight.

A killer from outer space

Behaviour Interactive has released a video that teases the arrival of the deadly alien creature to their game later this month.



Unfortunately, we will have to wait until next Tuesday to know more about the Alien collaboration but there are a few things that we can guess. When it comes to the Xenomorph itself it would be logical if he had some kind of acid-based attack, and he will also display incredible strength, agility, and speed. Whether the player controlling it chooses to melt a victim down or shred it to pieces the new killer will prove to be lethal. Other than that, we would love to see Ellen Ripley added as a survivor, with abilities that may give her an edge against the alien creature under the right circumstances. We won't know for sure until next week.

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