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    Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a Soviet-themed city-building game where you manage all aspects of a republic. The game offers a unique experience to the gans of the strategy genre by giving them control over every aspect of their republic, from construction to transportation, trade, healthcare, and more.

    In Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, you choose what direction our nation follows and guide it through time following the premises of a soviet Republic. The common good and the happiness and loyalty of the citizens of your nation are above all, but to maintain them you will also need to make sacrifices. You are the one who decides what path they will follow to be productive and work hard to make your nation thrive.

    The game features a wide range of realistic simulation mechanics that let you take control over everything, from realistic supply-chain management to detailed building, you will help your nation grow. The needs of the many are above all, and they must be satisfied if you want to thrive.

    Of course, you are not alone in the world of Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, and establishing commercial relations with neighbouring countries will help you gather resources that you can't produce by yourself. Achieving a balanced economy, properly distributing electricity and heating, and keeping an eye on the population's happiness are just some of the tasks that you have to complete in order to succeed. Also, you need to be prepared for random critical events that may thwart your plans and force you to react in a pinch.

    Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic offers you a challenging strategy experience that puts your management skills to the test, but it also lets you customize the game with a myriad of options so you can tailor the gameplay to your preferences. Also, the game supports modding and offers a variety of tools to those who want to create a customized experience and share it with others.

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