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    Diablo II Battlechest includes the Diablo II CD key and the Diablo II Lord of Destruction expansion CD key. Choose from one of the five classes available to confront Diablo in this legendary action role-playing game. Throughout your journey, you will encounter many challenging evils such as Mephisto or Baal Hephaistos. Diablo II is endless thanks to unique randomly generated dungeon and item systems.

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    Requires a Battle.net account to active the your game CD key.

    Comments on Diablo 2 Battlechest

    Totem le Chaman
    Totem le Chaman
    01-Sept-2014, 2:38 amon dlcompare.fr
    Cette version est elle compatible mac?
    Is this version compatible with mac?
    admin dlcompare
    admin dlcompare
    20-Oct-2012, 12:25 pmon dlcompare.fr
    La version à 7.99 ne comprends que le jeu diablo 2 sans l'extension.
    The 7.99 version only includes the game diablo 2 without the expansion.
    20-Oct-2012, 11:45 amon dlcompare.fr
    Il y a que l'extension ou le jeu + l'extension car 7,99€ cpas beaucoup pour le jeu ?
    Is there only the extension or the game + the extension because 7,99€ is not much for the game?
    21-Mar-2012, 12:11 pmon dlcompare.fr
    Cette version Battlechest de Diablo II contient la clé cd de Diablo II ainsi que la clé cd de l'extension Lord of Destruction.
    This Battlechest version of Diablo II contains the Diablo II cd key and the Lord of Destruction expansion cd key.
    • Technical information

    • Official website : Diablo 2
    • Categories : Role-Playing , Hack & Slash
    • Editor : Blizzard Entertainment
    • Developer : Blizzard Entertainment
    • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer
    • Release date : 30 June 2000
    • System Requirements
    • Age Rating
    • PEGI 18