South Park: Snow Day! looks exciting in a gameplay preview

South Park: Snow Day! looks exciting in a gameplay preview

South Park: Snow Day! will bring back the kids of the iconic town from the TV series to the front line soon, and not in a metaphoric way. The game is all about an exciting battle that takes place on the streets. The kids don't have to go to school because of the effects of a mysterious blizzard, and this serves as an excuse to let their imagination fly and embark on another adventure full of satiric humour. However, this time it's not an RPG adventure but an exciting battle with action-based combat.

With South Park: Snow Day!, the creators wanted to offer an experience significantly different from other games inspired by the series, and they have nailed it. In a recent video published by IGN, you can watch a gameplay preview of South Park: Snow Day! commented by South Park co-creator Matt Stone.

The video sheds some light on the different gameplay mechanics in the game, including the skill upgrade system for the characters, the weapons, and more. South Park: Snow Day! looks amazing and dynamic, and it will have a much higher replayability than previous games, especially if you share the fun with your friends in cooperative multiplayer.



While there is a part of the community that would like to see PvP battles included in South Park: Snow Day! in order to fight against their friends, it does not seem to be in the plans of the developers, at least for now.

You will be able to join the kids of South Park and fight for the town in just two weeks. Remember that you can pre-order a South Park: Snow Day! steam key at the best price with your comparator anytime.