Vampire Survivors announces a story mode

Vampire Survivors announces a story mode

Few games can boast about being the origin of a video game genre but Vampire Survivors is one of those. The game created by Poncle is an indie gem that started small and has grown a lot thanks to the support from the players. Its exciting gameplay mechanics contribute to delivering quite an addictive experience and the developer has expanded it quite a lot with more characters, weapons, enemies, and scenarios since the game was released. Vampire Survivors has several paid expansions, including Tides of the Foscari and Legacy of the Moonspell, but the majority of content is available to all players via free updates.

Getting even bigger

Vampire Survivors is soon getting a new gameplay mode that will add a new layer of depth to its gameplay. A story mode called Adventures will soon be available in the game, and it will introduce a new way of enjoying Vampire Survivors. In this mode, players will take part in short campaigns where they start from scratch, but that do not reset your overall progress in the game.

Three of these adventures will be available when update 1.8 is released. Two of them will be accessible to all players that own Vampire Survivors, while the third one requires them to own the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC since it includes content from that expansion. You can expect to find different win conditions, characters, and scenarios in every adventure.



This mode will open the game to a different type of experience and it will be a great addition to Vampire Survivors, especially for those players who want a change in their usual gameplay dynamics without having to sacrifice their progress.

There's no specific release date for Vampire Survivors update 1.8, but you can expect it to be available soon. As usual, the best deals in Vampire Survivors Steam keys are available with our comparator at all times if you want to discover a bullet hell roguelike that shouldn't be missing in any video game library.