Vampire Survivors lands on PlayStation consoles this Summer

Vampire Survivors lands on PlayStation consoles this Summer

Vampire Survivors has proven that a small indie game can achieve great things. The game became a big hit on PC and it has served as an inspiration for a myriad of other games with its unique autoshooter mechanics. Even League of Legends will release a PVE mode inspired by it. Overall, the game developed by Poncle has grown quite a bit in the last couple of years with the addition of plenty of new content in the form of the DLCs Tides of the Foscari, Legacy of the Moonspell, and Emergency Meeting, which have contributed to making Vampire Survivors an even more engaging experience. Now, the studio is looking to expand the game's player base on other platforms and it has announced a release date for Vampire Survivors on PlayStation consoles.

Coming this Summer

Vampire Survivors is currently available on PC and Nintendo Switch consoles but it will soon expand its influence to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Poncle has confirmed that it will be available to play on PlayStation consoles this summer alongside all the DLC released to date. However, this is not the only surprise announcement regarding Vampire Survivors.



A new DLC named Operation Guns will be released on May 9. It's a crossover with the iconic Contra series from SEGA and it will feature new characters a plethora of new weapons and other novelties.

“Operation Guns embraces the visceral simplicity of classic Contra, with build-focused Characters that encourage min-maxing and stat manipulation, a tonne of weapons (we’re talking 20 including evolutions!), and a difficulty curve that combines quintessentially arcade-hard gameplay with the original Vampire Survivors formula.”



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