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Poncle shows off Vampire Survivors' co-op multiplayer

Poncle shows off Vampire Survivors' co-op multiplayer

The announcement of a couch co-op multiplayer mode for Vampire Survivors got the legion of fans of the roguelike action game from Poncle quite hyped. The possibility of sharing the fun with several friends sitting alongside you seems as exciting as it gets as it will allow multiple combinations of devastating weapon combos and even bigger challenges to face. But can a game that already displays hundreds of enemies on the screen cope with such a graphics overload of beams, bullets, and explosions? Geo Morgan, Senior Marketing Manager at Poncle has provided us with some insight into the new gameplay mode in a recent publication in Xbox Wire.

Controlled mayhem

Morgan has revealed that you can add up to three players to your multiplayer game right before you start a level, even on your current save file. Each player selects a different character and the leveling system has received some adjustments for multiplayer. The experience bar will be shared among all players but they will level up by turns. When a player dies, they leave a coffin that eventually will serve as a respawn point, providing that the rest of the group is still alive.

In multiplayer mode, gameplay will be as chaotic as you will expect from Vampire Survivors. The number of weapons that each player can pick changes depending on how many are present in the game, but it's totally up to them if they want to strategize the weapon distribution or just loot whatever they can. Since all players share a single screen, you will have to coordinate your actions with your friends if you want to explore the map.

If you are wondering about the kind of mayhem that four Vampire Survivors players can unleash on the screen, you should watch the latest gameplay video showcasing its multiplayer mode right below, courtesy of IGN.


Local co-op multiplayer will arrive in Vampire Survivors next Monday alongside the release of the game on Nintendo Switch. Feel free to use our comparator to check out the best deals in video games and buy Vampire Survivors cheap if you don't want to miss one of the biggest indie hits in recent years.