Outcast - A New Beginning

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    Return to the alien world of Adelpha in the sequel to the pioneer of open-world video games. Outcast 2: A New Beginning is an exciting adventure that takes place 20 years after the events in Outcast. Cutter Slade is brought back to Adelpha by the Yods to find the planet under the control of invading robotic forces. The Talans have been enslaved, and the resources of the planet are being exploited. Like in the past, our ex-Navy SEAL will take on a mission to save the world.

    Explore a vast open-world full of alien creatures and discover the culture of the Talans as you try to find a way to save them from their oppressors. Progress through a non-linear world and an epic storyline at your own pace. Modify your weapon with a variety of modules to change its properties. Face countless robotic enemies in action-packed fights as you make use of your jetpack to gain the advantage. 

    Adelpha has changed a lot in the last twenty years, but its destiny continues to be linked to the Earth, so you must do your best to save it.

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