Pokémon Scarlet

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    The world of Pokemon keeps on evolving with Pokemon Scarlet! For the first time, you will explore a truly immense open world that’s inspired by the Spanish countryside. Meet, collect, train, and battle with new Pokemon, and trade collectibles with new friends online.

    You’ll also meet new NPCs such as Nemona, an energetic Pokemon trainer who’ll be your friend and guide to this wonderful new world. You’ll also have a professor in each version who will help you learn about Pokemon: Professor Sada in Pokemon Scarlet and Professor Turo in Pokemon Violet.

    Explore a vast locale where towns blend beautifully with their natural surroundings. You’ll find Pokemon everywhere—the ocean, the sky, the forests—you’ll have no end to the hunt. 

    Start off with one of three Pokemon companions: the grass-type Sprigatito, the fire-type Fuecoco, and the water-type Quaxly. You’ll find even more in the wilds, such as Lechonk, Smoliv, and Starly.

    Pokemon Scarlet has unique offers for players. Apart from the color of your starting character’s outfit, you also get version-exclusive Pokemon, including the legendary Koraidon. So grab your Pokeballs and get started on this brand new adventure!

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    Comments on Pokémon Scarlet

    05-Feb-2024, 12:40 pmon dlcompare.fr
    Sa reste une pokemon. Après il sorte un pet des chantier battu vus qu'il propose un monde ouvert et 3 chemin de progression (et non juste la route des 8 badges) Dommage qu'il non pas garder la possibilité de lancer directement un ball comme dans legend aceus. Mais bon c'est pokemon on leur pardonne tout et espére avoir mieux la prochaine foi ^^
    It's still a pokemon. It's still a pokemon. After all, it's an open-world game with 3 progression paths (and not just the 8-badge route). Too bad they didn't keep the possibility of directly throwing a ball like in legend aceus. But hey, it's pokemon, so we'll forgive them anything and hope for the best next time ^^.
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