Pacific Drive

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    Experience a unique road trip into the wilderness in Pacific Drive. In this first-person survival game, you will travel across the surreal wilderness of the Pacific Northwest as you try to reach the heart of the Olympic Exclusion Zone. This region has been the testing ground for secret technology projects from the government for a long while, and it's a source of rumors and mystery that calls for unsuspecting and curious explorers. While you are exploring its perimeter, you find yourself having crossed its limits, and now the only way out is going through the Zone. Fortunately, you encounter an abandoned but functioning station wagon that will become your lifeline in a perilous journey through this unexplored land. 

    The Zone is full of hazards and strange anomalies caused by the old experiments, but you will need to find a way out at all costs, or you will end up becoming just another source of legends about the area. You need to search and gather resources to survive while you navigate through difficult terrain trying to avoid being killed by any of the anomalies. Always keep an eye on your vehicle, as it will be your point of reference and the best way of escaping from dangerous situations. You may even find someplace that serves as a base while you explore the surrounding territories. If you somehow manage to upgrade your car, your chances of traversing certain areas safely will increase.

    Pacific Drive offers you a brand new experience on every game as the conditions and landscape are always changing in the Zone. Are you brave enough to survive this journey through an unpredictable wilderness alone?

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