ASKA, a new Viking survival experience

ASKA, a new Viking survival experience

This is the year of survival games in Early Access. We have been witness to the release of a plethora of titles in this genre, especially after the unprecedented success of Palworld. Games like Soulmask, V Rising, and Enshoruded offer a thrilling combination of survival and crafting mechanics that can keep players hooked for hours. While all of them follow the basic premise of gathering resources and crafting what you need to survive, every one of them offers a slightly different approach to the genre. ASKA has recently joined the list, and it has a lot to offer even though it's still in Early Access.

A long journey ahead

Most of the fans of the genre have probably played Valheim at some point. ASKA also offers a Viking-themed survival adventure but it's significantly different from the game developed by Iron Gate AB. As a sandbox survival experience, you have total liberty to set your own objectives in order to survive and thrive in a perilous world. However, in ASKA you can enlist the help of other Vikings that you can summon by using Jotum blood. These start as builders but can specialize in different activities as the game progresses. You can use them to help you complete tasks going from gathering resources to building structures and more. Soon after you start playing the game, you will have a group of those working to create a self-sufficient settlement. Unlike other games, ASKA allows you to automatize many tasks with their help so you can be free to do whatever you want in the game.



ASKA features a wide variety of gameplay mechanics that will keep you busy enough managing your settlement. The game lays at your feet a procedurally generated world for you to explore and discover its secrets. However, the game is still in Early Access, and it has a lot of potential in terms of growth. Many players have decided to give it an opportunity already, and its reviews on Steam are very positive.

We will keep an eye on ASKA to see how it evolves over time, hoping that the experience gets even better. Meanwhile, if you want to give it a try and support the developers, feel free to use our comparator to get a cheap ASKA Steam key and be ready to brave a challenging Viking world.

  • Official website : ASKA
  • Categories : Action , Adventure , Simulation
  • Editor : Thunderful Publishing AB
  • Developer : Sand Sailor Studio
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Co-op
  • Release date : 20 June 2024