Creative Assembly partially refunds Total War: Pharaoh

Creative Assembly partially refunds Total War: Pharaoh

Creative Assembly is a developer studio well known for its work on the Total War series, one of the most popular franchises in the strategy genre. The games in the Total War series feature an exciting combination of turn-based campaigns and real-time battles. You have to manage resources and build up a strategy, but also take part in epic battles where you control hundreds of units on the battlefield. In titles like Total War: Warhammer III you can immerse in an epic fantasy world full of legendary creatures and monsters, while others like Total War: Pharaoh offer you a detailed representation of a specific period in history and allow you to navigate through its politics.

While nobody doubts Creative Assembly's craftsmanship when it comes to strategy games, many of the fans of the Total War franchise have complained about the way the post-launch content is handled. The studio usually releases many DLCs that add new content to its games, but sometimes they don't offer enough for their price. Fortunately, this may change in the future.

Apologizing and making amends is the way

Creative Assembly has recently apologized after acknowledging its errors with the latest Total War: Warhammer III DLC and with Total War: Pharaoh. In the case of Shadows of Change, the studio promises to add extra content for free with a future update.

"We’re targeting a major update to Shadows of Change which will arrive free for everyone who owns it. We have the goal of releasing this update in February 2024, at which point it will become part of the package for everyone who buys it in the future."

When it comes to Total War: Pharaoh, Creative Assembly is partially refunding its price to those who bought the game on Steam and also promises a free expansion for the game in the coming months. You can read all the details about this change of policy in the official blog post on the matter.



With this change of course, the studio intends to secure the trust of the fans so they keep supporting a franchise that took Creative Assembly years to build. Of course, if you are yet to discover the Total War franchise, you can use our comparator to buy Total War: Warhammer III and Total War: Pharaoh PC keys at the best price and you will have access to the upcoming content for free when it's released.