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Total War: Pharaoh changes the pace for a better experience

Total War: Pharaoh changes the pace for a better experience

The Total War series is well known for delivering an exciting strategy experience in real-time battles where you control a great number of units. The latest installment in the series promises to follow the premises of its predecessors but will also introduce new features that will radically change the way you play the game. Total War: Pharaoh is set in a very specific location and period of history: the end of the Bronze Age in Egypt. This unique setting has some peculiarities that the creators of the game have represented in the game that will have a deep impact on the gameplay.

Unforgiving weather

You may think that Egypt is just a big desert that won't be subject to the effects of rain but that is not exactly accurate. The area close to the river Nile and the coastal areas are terrains where the rain and the occasional floods will influence your battles. Creative Assembly has engineered the weather so these effects go beyond a mere cosmetic effect. In Total War: Pharaoh, patches of mud will appear and they can severely hinder the maneuverability of your units, for example. Or you could be fighting against the effects of a terrible sandstorm, that will reduce the range of your units, make them more fatigued, and even damage them. All these elements will add a new layer of complexity to your battles in the game, as well as more realism.



Degrading armor

Creative Assemby is going quite far to make Total War: Pharaoh more real, and it has added plenty of new mechanics. Armor, for example, will degrade with every confrontation, making units take more damage over time while they are in battle. Fortunately, you will have more time to react to all the new dynamic features that the game includes, since the pace of the game is a bit slower than in previous games in the series, like Total War Saga: Troy.

Total War: Pharaoh is shaping into quite an exciting game full of novelties that will definitely surprise the fans. Developer Creative Assembly will also delve deeper into its features in the coming months ahead of its release this fall. As a reminder, you can get a cheap Total War: Pharaoh PC key already with our comparator if you don't want to miss the latest installment in one of the most popular RTS franchises of all time.