Gangs of Sherwood shares the game's original soundtrack

Gangs of Sherwood shares the game's original soundtrack

Close to the release of their co-op action-adventure game, Gangs of Sherwood, NACON, and Appeal Studios - developers of the upcoming Outcast 2 - A New Beginning - are delighted to share a new video showcasing the game's original soundtrack. The game will be released on 30 November on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

In this behind-the-scenes preview, Markus Zierhofer, the Gangs of Sherwood composer, reveals the inspirations behind the new release's original soundtrack. The game's music offers a science-fantasy atmosphere, combining medieval and modern aspects, which is on par with In line with the Gangs of Sherwood world.



Markus calls the music "a wild ride in a distorted medieval setting."

"This is achieved by using old instruments, such as the Stroh violin or hurdy-gurdy, whose tones are distorted to obtain music halfway between the Middle Ages and a more modern era," explains Markus Zierhofer. "We also made sure that the original soundtrack adapts to the action in the game. For example, the music can be intensified by layering when you face a host of enemies at the same time, or when your combo gauge goes up."

Gangs of Sherwood is a story-driven cooperative action-adventure game for 1 to 4 players with fast-paced gameplay and high replay value in a reimagined world based on the legend of Robin Hood. Exploiting the powers of the Philosopher's Stone, the Sheriff of Nottingham's armies have built up untold power and are oppressing England's people more than ever. In a unique science-fantasy version of the Robin Hood legend, the game features explosive combat, spectacular combos, and co-op gameplay for fans of epic battles and challenges in stunning environments.

Nacon shared a video last month with everything you need to know about the gameplay of Gangs of Sherwood.



Players can play four iconic heroes from the legend of Robin Hood who lead this rebellion. The Maid Marian, the sheriff's daughter and expert assassin; Friar Tuck, a monk, and healer; Little John, a warrior with a steel fist; and the famous archer Robin of Locksley. All the characters have their own gameplay styles and a wide range of unique and customizable abilities. As you progress, you unlock new combos and fragments, which allow you to pull off increasingly powerful and spectacular combos. 

Gangs of Sherwood will be released on 30 November on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. While the game can be played solo from start to finish, it has been designed as a co-op experience. So if you and a friend want to grab this one, check out our comparator for the best deals on Gangs of Sherwood and steal away - in the game, we mean.