Sea of Thieves PS5 beta was a success

Sea of Thieves PS5 beta was a success

The upcoming release of Sea of Thieves for PlayStation 5 consoles has been preceded by a beta that took place last weekend. The level of anticipation for the event was high but it attracted more players than expected even though it was only available to those players who had pre-ordered the game. Participants in the event could enjoy the game throughout the weekend and the experience was almost totally satisfactory in most cases. Unfortunately, the huge influx of players who wanted to log into the game and explore the seas as pirates in Sea of Thieves caused some server congestion that translated into queues across all platforms including Xbox and PC.

Victim of its success

Developer Rare Limited wasn't expecting so many players to be in the beta and therefore, it was caught off guard by the massive participation. The studio had to issue a warning to all those trying to play the beta on PS5 this weekend, but the problems didn't really go much further and the impact was rather negligible in terms of the gameplay experience.



Sea of Thieves stands out as the preferred pirate-themed video game despite the recent launch of Skull and Bones. Ubisoft's game offers a completely different type of experience that has yet to convince the fans of the genre for one reason or another. Meanwhile, Sea of Thieves offers a solid experience curated over the years that has been expanded with countless events and seasonal content. Its cartoonish graphics may not be for those looking for a more realistic experience, but the game has aged well and it's now ready to expand its player base with a release on PlayStation 5 consoles that will arrive on April 30th.



Of course, the PlayStation 5 version of Sea of Thieves will be up to par with the versions for other platforms in terms of content. If you participated in the PS5 beta your progress will be transferred to the PS5 version of Sea of Thieves at launch. Whether you took part in the event or not, the best deals to pre-order a Sea of Thieves PS5 code will be available with our comparator ahead of the release date.