Zoochosis looks terrifying in its newest gameplay teaser

Zoochosis looks terrifying in its newest gameplay teaser

The horror genre has always been the center of attention for many gamers over the years, with popular mutiplayer horror games such as Lethal Company, Content Warning, survival horror games like The Outlast Trials or Resident Evil 4 Remake, and especially the recent rise of psychological horror games like Buckshot Roulette.

Venturing into this horror game market, indie game developer and publisher Clapperheads announced their latest psychological horror game titled Zoochosis on January 16, 2024, for the first time.

Ever since the official announcement trailer for Zoochosis was first revealed, the game has received numerous attention for its unique horror setting and concept. Edwin Evans-Thirwell of Rock Paper Shotgun praised the game as an "open homage to The Thing". PCGamesN likened it to "Resident Evil meets Planet Zoo", and Dread Central described the game as "The Thing meets a zoo".

On March 26, 2024, the Gameplay Teaser trailer for Zoochosis was also released, garnering a large number of views on YouTube in a short period:

In Zoochosis, players assume the role of a zookeeper experiencing their first night shift, during which they discover that the zoo's animals have started to mutate. The gameplay revolves around making vaccines, curing the mutated animals, and unraveling the mystery behind the zoo's sudden epidemic.

This is your first night shift as a zookeeper. You find out that some animals are infected and turning into mutants. Save them and save yourself. Unravel the mystery of the zoo. Choose wisely. Your choices will determine your ending.

At first glance, Zoochosis seems to base its main theme on a form of psychosis that develops in animals held captive in zoos, sharing the same name and putting a twist on it. In real life, zoochosis manifests in what are called stereotypic behaviors or stereotypies, which are often monotonous, obsessive, repetitive actions that serve no purpose. Stated plainly, zoochosis is mental anguish made visible by abnormal behavior, and it’s a common indicator of poor welfare.

The developers also indicated that the game will feature several possible endings, which will vary depending on the player's decisions regarding which animals to rescue and which to avoid.

Additionally, Zoochosis is played from the perspective of a bodycam, adding a layer of immersion to the experience.

Zoochosis is set to be released in Q2 2024 on Windows. Make sure you're not missing out on this newest horror experience by using dLcompare's price comparison tool to preorder Zoochosis.

11-Apr-2024, 2:26 am
taking care of animals and watching out for the thing looks fun and unique