Tomb Raider: Anniversary

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    This new installment in the Tomb Raider series brings you a more delicate Lara Croft in a more sensitive world, far from the previous steadfast heroine that you may recall in the oldest games and the 2002 film adaptation.

    Indeed, Crystal Dynamics has dressed its character in a congruent adventurer’s outfit with multiple bandages and scratches caused by a severe wreck that brought her to a dangerous and hostile island.

    But more than the character’s design, what’s so new about this installment is the scenario which reveals a more interesting, rich, and intriguing background than the one we were used to seeing.

    Gameplay-wise, Tomb Raider gained in maturity, refinement, and dynamism, with serious bare hands fights or with a wide range of weapons such as axes or long-range bows. The destructible background also offers lots of possibilities, sometimes being a precious help, sometimes more of a nuisance.

    On top of all this, you will definitely appreciate some awesome scenes and a few good old “Quick Time Event” that will immerse yourself deeply in Lara’s environment.

    The critics are pretty unanimous; this new Tomb Raider looks unifying and should gather new gen players as well as veterans that appreciated the very first games of the franchise.

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    Comments on Tomb Raider: Anniversary

    20-Aug-2013, 6:03 pmon
    J’ai essayé ce jeu, car j’avais adoré le DVD. Cependant, j’ai été totalement éblouie par ces graphismes d’une qualité remarquable. L’action est vraiment entrainante et bien que l’ayant terminé, je ne me lasse pas d’y rejouer !
    I tried this game because I loved the DVD. However, I was totally blown away by the amazing graphics. The action is really catchy and even though I finished it, I can't get enough of it!

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