Controversial outfits make a return in Stellar Blade

Controversial outfits make a return in Stellar Blade

Censorship has recently been a sensitive issue within the gaming community. This refers to actions by companies and publishers to alter the appearance of a character or their outfit to make it more "acceptable" to the general public and in line with societal norms. However, most players view this action as highly criticized because it misrepresents the product that the publisher is selling.

About a month ago, the gaming community was outraged with Shift Up due to their decision to introduce censorship modifications in the game's day-one patch. Hyung-Tae Kim, the director of Stellar Blade, had to step up and directly address the controversy surrounding his game, stating that the outfit post-day-one patch was indeed their final product. However, he acknowledged that this alone would not satisfy the player community, so he organized an internal discussion to address the issue. And now, we finally know the result of that discussion.

After a month of waiting, the argument has finally come to an end. Recently, Shift Up shared details about the contents of the latest game update, patch 1.003. This update introduces a new Boss Challenge mode, fixes several known bugs, implements numerous game improvements, and adds three new outfits. But players quickly noticed another change included in this update.

The outfits that were reportedly censored now have an alternative "uncensored" variant available in the game. Shift Up maintains its stance on not introducing microtransactions into Stellar Blade, and these "uncensored" variant outfits will be obtainable entirely for free. The Midsummer Alice and Midsummer Redhood variants can be purchased from Roxane, a merchant living in Xion.

Although this decision by Shift Up may not hold much significance for many, it demonstrates that the voices of players are increasingly influential with companies and developers, much like the time Sony had to revoke their decision regarding Helldivers 2 due to significant backlash. After hearing this news, if you are interested in trying out the game, use our price comparison tool to get the best price on Stellar Blade and experience update 1.003 for yourself.

  • Categories : Action , Adventure
  • Editor : Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer : SHIFT UP Corporation
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : 26 April 2024