The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road

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    The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road is an expansion to the popular MMORPG game, The Elder Scrolls Online. This expansion is set in the region of Hammerfell, where players will explore the West Weald, home to the wealthy Colovian Imperials. New locations like the city of Skingrad and the jungles of Valenwood are full of opportunities for adventurers, but danger lies around every corner as the region is suffering Daedric incursions. The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road brings a new and exciting chapter to the story with the return of Ithelia, a powerful Daedric Prince who appears for the first time in the game.

    The expansion adds new quests, dungeons, and content for players to enjoy, and there are also numerous side quests that players can undertake, which will take them to new locations and introduce them to new characters.

    The Gold Road expansion introduces a new Trial, which is a challenging 12-player dungeon, Lucent Citadel, where players will explore an ancient Daedric vault in search of a legendary artefact, the Reanimating Crux. Such a feat will require teamwork and strategy to complete. Players can also explore new delves, which are dungeons that can be completed with a smaller group of players.

    In addition to new content, the expansion also introduces new features such as Skill Styling, which allows players to customize their skills with new visual effects by using collectable items that they can find in the expansion.

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