A.K.I. will arrive in Street Fighter 6 this month

A.K.I. will arrive in Street Fighter 6 this month

Every new character introduced in Street Fighter 6 adds a plethora of gameplay possibilities to those wanting to squeeze every drop of fun out of the game. this is especially true for totally new characters that have never before appeared in the popular fighting series. Last month, CAPCOM presented A.K.I. to the fans with a spectacular video, and now it has confirmed the release date of the DLC that will bring her into the game.

A lethal poisoner

The release date of the second DLC for Street Fighter 6 has been confirmed via Twitter in a publication that also sheds some light on her capabilities in the fighting arena. A.K.I. is an agile fighter that can inject debilitating poison with her attacks, which will cause her opponents to take damage gradually. Although this special feature won't make it a proper fighter for beginners since it's usually better for them to take a more direct approach to combat, A.K.I. will be a very interesting addition to Street Fighter 6's roster.



Game Director Takayuki Nakayama has spoken about her unique design in an interview on PlayStation Blog, where he confirms that she has been created with a deadly snake in mind.

"The character design we landed on was a pale-skinned disciple with her fighting style being a combination of the Poison Hand and the Fanged Snake Style martial arts. Therefore, we decided to proceed with A.K.I. being a white snake that carries poison."

A.K.I. will become available right away on September 26 to all Streer Fighter 6 players who have purchased the Deluxe or Ultimate editions of the game or the Year 1 Character Pass. Also, she will be unlockable in the game via a separate DLC on the same date. Make sure that you use our comparator to check out the best prices on all those options and get Street Fighter 6 cheap if you haven't discovered one of the best titles in the iconic fighting series.