The directors of Avowed share more details about the game

The directors of Avowed share more details about the game

Avowed is an upcoming RPG adventure from Obsidian Entertainment that will be released sometime this year. The studio is using all of its experience in creating games with a deep narrative to develop an exciting adventure set in the Living Lands, a specific region of the world of Eora. This universe will be very familiar to many fans of the RPG genre as it's the same place that can be visited in Pillars of Eternity. However, Avowed will offer a completely different view of the world, as it is a first-person fantasy action RPG. In the game, you will play as an envoy sent to investigate rumours of a spreading plague throughout the Living Lands.

Avowed will place you in a sprawling fantasy world populated by mysterious creatures, and it will offer you many possibilities to face the dangers of the Living Lands. You can choose to develop a variety of skills to engage against your enemies in visceral combat, and you can also enlist the help of companions who will support you in your endeavours.

Explore Eora like never before

We recently discovered more details about Avowed in a video commented on by the directors of the game. The footage provides a detailed overview of many aspects of the game and reveals locations, combat mechanics, and a branching storyline where your decisions matter.



Avowed is set to become one of the big releases of 2024 in the RPG genre and should be especially popular among those who love games with great storytelling. We still will have to wait quite a few months to be able to play the game, as it won't arrive until next fall. However, Obsidian Entertainment will surely give us more chances to know more about the game before that. Of course, remember that the best deals to preorder Avowed will be available with our comparator ahead of release.