Eddy Gordo arrives in Tekken 8 today

Eddy Gordo arrives in Tekken 8 today

Tekken 8 puts at your disposal a wide cast of fighters to choose from. Kazuma and Jin are the two main antagonists who drive forward the story in the series at this point. Their final clash is the most anticipated fight in a game that also brings back other iconic characters from the series, but also brand new ones like Azucena. After several months that allowed players to get used to the game's dynamics, Bandai Namco is releasing the first of a predictable long list of DLC characters that will arrive in Tekken 8 in the future. We are talking of Eddy Gordo, of course, whose presentation video you can watch right below.



Capoeira master

The Brazilian fighter returns in Tekken 8 to amaze the public with his impressive capoeira style which allows him to deliver powerful kicks while moving and dodging fluidly across the scenario. Eddie is a favourite of the fans due to his ability to kick his opponents from all angles, which makes blocking his attacks quite a problem. However, you may be able to counter him and have an easier time if you dash really close for a grapple attack and don't let him keep a proper distance to throw his kicks. Eddy Gordo will surely be an interesting addition to the Tekken 8 roster. It is available to play on today to all those who own Tekken 8 Season Pass, and will be ready to be purchased as a standalone character on April 4th. Eddy will be followed by three other fighters who will be released throughout the game's Season 1.

Alongside Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat 1, Tekken 8 is one of the most popular fighting games and continues a long-lived video game series with plenty of gameplay enhancements, new combat systems, and many other exciting additions. If you want to fight to become the next King of the Iron Fist, feel free to use our comparator to check out the best discounts on Tekken 8 and immerse into an epic fighting experience.

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